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  1. Access pictures from your windows 7 PC using UPnP/DLNA, possible configuration issue to check.

  2. Activate and configure UPnP/DLNA on Windows 7 and Windows 8 computer

  3. Are we able to connect this up to a larger screen?

  4. Can I access my pictures stored inside Snapfish?

  5. Can I access pictures stored inside iCloud (from Apple)?

  6. Can I link more than one external account (Facebook, Google Photos, FlickR...) to my Pix-Star?

  7. Can I play pictures in slide show sorted / ordered by date taken, date of upload or other order?

  8. Can I use my iPhone or Android phone to connect Pix-Star to the Internet?

  9. Can it play VIDEO?

  10. Can it receive photo-mails when turned off or in sleep mode?

  11. Cannot launch slide show from my synology NAS. How to solve?

  12. CHECK LIST if your frame is not receiving pictures by email or shows as ‘OFFLINE’ on the web site

  13. Configuration to be adjusted when using UPnP/DLNA with Actiontec MI424 WR

  14. Connect Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to my Pix-Star: which USB-to-ETHERNET dongle to use?

  15. Connecting to CISCO LINKSYS E Series E1000 E1200 E1500 E2500 E3200 E4200 do NOT use the ‘GUEST’ access

  16. Create groups of contacts to send pictures from the frame to your friends.

  17. Detailed dimension and size, including display area, of the Pix-Star 10 inch and 15 inch models sold after January 2020

  18. DLNA/UPnP - How to access your Qnap and play pictures through DLNA from the frame

  19. Facebook, how to see albums shared by my friends, NEW change from FACEBOOK (UPDATE December 2015)!!!

  20. Facebook: "album cannot be updated" error message, or album list empty in, how to solve?

  21. Forgot my password, cannot log in, access denied, how can I reset my password?

  22. Gmail, I send pictures by email they don't arrive on my pix-star email address. Why?

  23. GOOGLE DRIVE: when delete pictures they still appear inside web album.

  24. Helpful program to manage pictures locally between the Pix-Star and your computer (via SAMBA).

  25. How can I clean the screen of my Pix-Star?

  26. How can I find and download the Pix-Star app for Android or iPhone/iPad?

  27. How can i get a new power adapter? metal stand? remote control? for my Pix-Star.

  28. How can I get my Facebook, Google Photos and FlickR, etc... pictures to show up on my Pix-Star?

  29. How can i get my pictures to the new group folders without starting from scratch?

  30. How can I manage several Pix-Star frames from one single account?

  31. how can I remove the clock / date and time showing on top of the slide show?

  32. How can I rotate pictures from the frame user interface?

  33. How can I upload pictures from iPhoto/Photo to the frame?

  34. How do I know a new software version is available?

  35. How do I print pictures from my Pix-Star account?

  36. How do we adjust the sound level on our frame for audio or video?

  37. How does the Pix-Star frame mount to a wall?

  38. How the "Repeat recent pix." and the "Only latest pictures" mode work exactly?

  39. How to access pictures stored inside my Pix-Star over local network (SAMBA) with Windows 8.x?

  40. How to activate the random mode in the slide show?

  41. How to ADD/REMOVE the weather on my Pix-Star?

  42. How to avoid Pix-Star UPnP DLNA connection problems when using NetGear ReadyNAS 1000S – 1100 series

  43. How to backup pictures from my account to my computer?

  44. How to browse pictures on your USB Memory Stick and SD Card with Pix-Star?

  45. How to change DATE & TIME in the Pix-Star?

  46. How to change SAMBA password (Connection from PC password)?

  47. How to configure TVersity UPnP/DLNA server to work with my Pix-Star?

  48. How to copy pictures to Pix-Star using a USB stick or SD card?

  49. How to make sure my Photo RSS feed works inside the frame?

  50. How to manage my contact list and send photo-mails from the frame?

  51. How to manage the photos stored inside my Pix-Star Photoframe wirelessly from my computer (using SAMBA)?

  52. How to play web radios from my Pix-Star?

  53. How to remove the date and time display on the slide show?

  54. How to solve problem when upgrading to Twonky version 7.3?

  55. How to switch between Celsius (C) and Fahrenheit (F) for the weather?

  56. How to upload a complete folder of pictures to the web site?

  57. I am not receiving photos sent by e-mail to my Pix-Star account / email address!

  58. I bought a new pix-star frame to replace my old one how do I transfer account to this new unit?

  59. I get error message “ERROR, RETURN AND HTML PAGE” after connecting Wi-Fi, what does this mean?

  60. I lost my remote control - power adapter - metal stand where can I get a new one?

  61. Is it possible to access photos from Amazon Cloud Drive?

  62. Is it possible to use my Pix-Star even if I have no Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection at home?

  63. Is there a mode showing several pictures at a time on the screen (collage)?

  64. Is there a way to rearrange / sort the photos once they have been uploaded?

  65. Is there a way to see how much of the frame’s memory has been used?

  66. List of important slide show options and time per slide (interval) values

  67. Made an error, how can I change the email address of my Pix-Star?

  68. My frame can't access internet, Action Tec router, how to?

  69. My Frame shows OFFLINE in the web site, how do I get it back online?

  70. My Pix-Star frame does not receive pictures sent by email: DO NOT send pictures by email from google photos to your frame, this won't work, import your albums instead.

  71. My Pix-Star frame seems to only play a handful of my pictures repeatedly / repeat some pictures, why is that?

  72. My remote control stopped working, what to do?

  73. Once I exit a slideshow, is there a way to launch directly the same slideshow?

  74. Pictures display too small on the screen, why?

  75. Pix-Star power adapter dimensions (5V and 12V)

  76. Problem connecting Pix-Star to an iPhone personnal hotspot / tethering, connection fail, how to solve?

  77. Problem to connect to Wi-Fi with router Netgear N900 or RangeMax Duo WNDR3300 WIFI router

  78. Shutterfly not providing 3rd party API anymore

  79. Solution to connect to a public network or public hotspot when a user name and password (Web Authentication) is required.

  80. Some of my friends' album don't show up when i try to link facebook albums, how to solve this?

  81. Some pictures show just as a black screen, how to solve?

  82. There is a "E7" in red color on the screen!!

  83. TIPS to configure the Wi-Fi connection of your Pix-Star

  84. UPNP / DLNA sometimes disconnect from my windows 7 computer, how to solve?

  85. Use a USB keyboard with you pix-star to enter for example the Wi-Fi password.

  86. Use pix-star when no wifi, is possible? yes!

  87. Using the Pix-Star Snap Android App to upload multiple pictures at once and see history.

  88. Using the Pix-Star Snap app for iPhone / iPad I can't see all my pictures why?

  89. What are the benefits of using the iPhone/iPad app (Pix-Star Snap)?

  90. What is the length of the power cord of the Pix-Star?

  91. What is the maximum number of pictures the uploader can accept when uploading to a web album?

  92. What is this “Inbox Folder Mode” to automatically save photo-mails in folders based on sender’s email address?

  93. What should I do to start using my Pix-Star?

  94. When copying pictures to the frame are these pictures uploaded to the web site?

  95. When playing pictures from my Synology NAS they look too small and have black bars all around my pictures on the screen - how to solve this? (UPnP DLNA)

  96. When sending pictures by email to my Pix-Star which size is the most optimized?

  97. When Streaming using UPnP/DLNA from Twonky the frame disconnects sometimes, how to solve?

  98. Where can I download an electronic version of the User Manual?

  99. Where is the FILE MANAGER / MEDIA LIBRARY?

  100. Where is the SPACE on the keyboard, i need it for my Wi-Fi password!

  101. Which type of screw to use with the VESA mount at the back of the Pix-Star?

  102. Which UPnP/DLNA server is the best to use with my Pix-Star?

  103. Why my Pix-Star photoframe slide show does not show all the pictures, especially Web albums and weather?

  104. Why pictures are CROPPED (Collage 5 pix mode) and sometimes heads are "cut off"?

  105. Wi-Fi connection between Pix-Star and D Link DIR 615 H/W rev. C, router SOFTWARE UPDATE needed

  106. Wrong language in iPhone/iPad app (French instead of English), how to solve?

  107. YES, it is possible to access GOOGLE PHOTOS service from Pix-Star!

  108. Your Pix-Star photoframe is now completely configurable remotely from the web.

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