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How to manage my contact list and send photo-mails from the frame?

With Pix-Star as you may know you can NOT only receive photo-mails directly inside the frame but also send pictures from the frame to any email address, easily.

To avoid entering the recipient email address letter by letter which is a bit time consuming and boring, the Pix-Star automatically add email addresses of people that previously sent emails to your frame into your contact list that you can access from the frame's "picture sharing" menu of the slide show.

But sometimes you want to send a picture to someone that is not inside this contact list.

You can add it in the contact list from the web site account at

Just log into your account and on the left menu go down to the web page link:

Manage contacts.

Inside you can add new contacts, delete contacts, even create groups of contacts so that from the frame you can send pictures to the group of email instantly.

The modifications you do in the web site contact list will show up inside the frame after a few minutes, please be patient.

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