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TIPS to configure the Wi-Fi connection of your Pix-Star

Pix-Star is very easy to configure including the Wi-Fi as most of the configuration parameters are ALREADY set by the device AUTOMATICALLY. The only missing information you need to enter (Pix-Star can’t find it for you, it is SECRET !) is the encription key.

But in some cases Wi-Fi routers have some advanced settings enabled for security that make it a little “tricky” for some users. Here you will find some TIPS to help you if you can’t manage to connect to your Wi-Fi network with your Pix-star.

TIP #1: make sure your encription key is the correct one!

This is sometimes forgotten… so double check it if it does not connect the first time with Pix-Star. Also be very careful that CAPITAL letters and SMALL letters are NOT the same, so you must enter the encription key as it has been defined with capital letters entered as capital letters with the Pix-Star on screen keyboard.

TIP #2: Make sure the “MAC address” filtering mode is not activated on the router

Some routers have the MAC ADDRESS FILTERING mode activated this means that EVEN if you enter the proper encription key the router with STILL  REFUSE the connnection because it can’t find the DEVICE MAC address (something like it’s serial number) inside it’s internal database. So to connect to the Wi-Fi router when such security is activated you must:

- Either manually enter the MAC address (serial number) of your Pix-Star inside the router using the configuration pannel (web page);

- Or press some button on the router so that it TEMPORARILY disactivate this mode so that you can connect your Pix-Star to it.

We invite you to either read carefully the user guide of your Wi-Fi router or call the telecom operator hotline if the device was supplied by them.

TIPS #3: Make sure there is enough Wi-Fi signal seen from the Pix-Star

When you are inside the Wi-Fi configuration pannel of your Pix-Star the level of signal for your network is indicated, make surre you have at least 1 bar (ORANGE or GREEN color)

This should be as simple as this.

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