Wi-Fi connection between Pix-Star and D Link DIR 615 H/W rev. C, router SOFTWARE UPDATE needed

If your Wi-Fi router is a D-link DIR-615 Hardware Rev. C be careful a firmware update is needed in the router so that the router’s DHCP server can provide a correct IP address to the frame.

The DIR-615 h/w C needs to be at over 3.13 for the Pix-Star to get an IP address.

This firmware update package is not easy to find actually because this hardware rev. C is not supported anymore by D-Link.

Probably that your current version is v3.10. So you need to upgrade to v3.13 to make this work. There is apparently a bug in their DHCP server software that got corrected in revision 3.12.

The firmware is not listed on the D-Link website but can be found on their FTP site (ftp://ftp.dlink.com), under gateway.

If you have any issue implementing this fix do not hesitate to contact us at: info@pix-star.com.

(Many thanks to William M. for finding this fix)

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