Facebook, how to see albums shared by my friends, NEW change from FACEBOOK (UPDATE December 2015)!!!


Recently new changes in the Facebook policy seems to have impacted again access to friends album.

Apparently it's not possible to access to them through the Facebook API as a third part. like Pix-Star.

You can still access your own album that you own on Facebook through Pix-Star.

We are sorry aobu this Facebook change.

As a consequence the article below might be obsolete for some users.


For those of you that are with Pix-Star for some time you've probably used the possibility to access friends' pictures stored at Facebook from your Pix-Star.

This has been working perfectly in the past 5 years and a lot of Pix-Star users enjoy seeing their friends' Facebook pictures on their frame.

Unfortunately since April 30th 2015, Facebook decided to change a lot of things and part of their new policy it's not allow for third parties like us to have their users to access friend's pictures if the Pix-Star Facebook App has not been accepted by them yet.

What does this mean?

Basically this means that from now on, if you want to access your friend's pictures stored inside Facebook from the pix-star.com account to show them on your Pix-Star, your friends needs also to log to Facebook from a pix-star.com account so that the Pix-Star APP get accepted by their Facebook account.

This is not very convenient as most of your friends probably don't have a Pix-Star frame or a Pix-Star account. But this is Facebook new policy regarding access to friends' pictures.

We've tried to explain to Facebook that this is not so convenient for us this but we could not get any answer or a clear solution to this.

So here 2 options to solve this problem, it's not that convenient probably but they are the only ones we see for the moment.

1- option one:

If that friend has a Pix-Star frame: ask him/her to access his/her Facebook pictures though the account and the the Facebook pix-star app will be authorised and you an see his / her pictures from your account.

2- option two:

You give this person your pix-star.com user name and password and he / she logs into his Facebook account from it through the "import external pictures" link.

Then the same the facebook pix-star app will be authorised and then YOU can access his / her pictures.

You can also have this person do this with you on your pix-star.com account so that you don’t tell him / her your password, just need to do this on your computer for instance, and he she logs into his/her Facebook account will you are inside pix-star.com

This is the solution for this Facebook friends picture issue.

Accessing your own picture from your own account works as usual it is NOT impacted by this new Facebook Policy.

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