Solution to connect to a public network or public hotspot when a user name and password (Web Authentication) is required.

As you probably already know connecting to public access Wi-Fi networks including college dorms, assisted living facilities, hospitals or coffee shops is not possible from the Pix-Star because the frame does not have a web browser, which is required to accept web authentications that utilize a user name and password. This becomes a problem if the Pix-Star is to be used where only such internet access is available.

There is a solution to this problem though.

This requires a little bit of configuration work and the purchase of a new hardware but it remains reasonably cheap so we want to share here this information with all our users as it might help.

First you need to buy a NETGEAR TREK extender (or any other similar solution such as the HooToo), u can find it easily at

The Netgear Trek is super easy to set up and is specifically made to get past these public access web authentications and create a more secure Wi-Fi of your own. The Netgear Trek can be set- up via Smartphone, Tablet or Computer (any device that has a web browser and Wi-Fi capabilities).

Set-up the Netgear Trek via instructions (Netgear Trek Installation Guide) that come with the device. Configure the Netgear Trek via the “Wi-Fi connection at a public hotspot setup” section to connect to the public access network you want to use. Hint: When connecting to the Trek for the first time wirelessly you will need the Trek’s pre-installed SSID and password which can be found on the back panel of the trek.

Then login to the trek via the web browser and you can create your OWN new Wi-Fi network for which you choose a network name and a security method (we suggest to use WPA2 with AES encryption as it is the most secure available).

Now use a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer to connect to this new network and open a web browser, then authenticate to the public network from that browser.

And "voila"! Now the Web Authentication is done and any device that connects to this new Wi- Fi network created by the Netgear Trek does not need any Web Authentication anymore!

You can now go to the Pix-Star and have it connected to that new network which does NOT require anymore "web authentication" as this part is handled now by the NETGEAR TREK.

REMARK: there is a possible limitation though, depending on the network and how they set up the Web Authentication, but usually they require that you re-authenticate every 24 hours. So once a day all you have to do is accept the authentication via the device originally used to accept a cell phone or computer used to set up the netgear trek.

(A BIG THANK YOU to Brandon B. for this smart yet simple solution!)

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