My Pix-Star frame seems to only play a handful of my pictures repeatedly / repeat some pictures, why is that?


When playing a slide show on the frame you may see some pictures repeated more often than others or you may be seeing only some of your pictures others are not showing.

Here is a check up list to understand the problem and solve it.

1- first of all to make sure you are playing a slide show that includes all the frame's pictures.

Exit the slide show and go back to the main menu.

here click on the item:

play all the frame's pictures.

this will immediately launch a slide show that includes all possible sources of pictures altogether including: pictures coming by email or from the app (photo mail),  pictures from your web albums, pictures from an SD card (if any), pictures from usb stick (if any).

2- there is in the change settings menu of the frame and in the menu

slide show

then going to the option

play mode

the possibility to "repeat latest pictures more often".

make sure that this is NOT selected. Go back to normal mode if needed.

If you select this then some pictures (the most recent ones) will be repeated more often than oldest ones so it is then normal you see some pictures repeatedly.

3- make sure you do NOT have some duplicate.

It is possible that you have the same pictures file several time stored in the frame. 

So check this in the " my media library " menu, accessible from the main menu inside the frame (exit slide show first).

if you have duplicates you need to delete them.

Enjoy your pix-star!

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