How to delete the default pictures (stock photo) that come with my Pix-Star?

Out of the box your Pix-Star comes with some pictures in it’s memory. These files may show in the slide show while you start receiving photo-mails during the first days of use.

If you want to delete them just follow one of the 2 options below.

From the SLIDE SHOW:

When the picture you want to delete is playing in the slide show press the MENU button, on the menu bar on the left move down to the “dustbin” logo then press OK/PLAY button. A pop up message ask you to confirm or cancel. If you CONFIRM the picture will be permanently deleted.

You can just do this for each of the pictures you want to delete.


You can also go to the file manager. First go back to the main menu (quit the slide show if necessary by using the back key, press it 2 or 3 times). Then enter the FILE MANAGER.

Once inside go to the folder called PIXSTAR then to INBOX.

Here you  select the pictures you want to delete by moving the SELECTOR on it then press OK/PLAY. Once you’ve finished the selection press MENU button. In the menu list that pops up choose “DELETE SELECTED” then your pictures will be permanently deleted.

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