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I am not receiving photos sent by e-mail to my Pix-Star account / email address!

You need to check a few things.

1- FIRST, log in your Pix-Star web account at and see in the photo-mail inbox if the pictures have arrived.

Do you see them there?

If not then MOST PROBABLY you are using the wrong email address for your frame, all Pix-Star frames email address look like this:

where the " xxxxx " was chosen when you registered the unit.

The usual mistake is to use the extension:

this is WRONG it does NOT work.

If it's not that you are not using the wrong email address then check if you receive in your mail box a message that bounce back from the network, there might be some error indication inside.

You might also contact us.

2- SECOND, if you see the picture inside the photo-mail inbox in your account at then it means that the email was properly decoded by our system, perfect!!

Now you need to check first that your frame is showing ONLINE on the upper right part of the web page, just below LOG OUT.


if yes then just wait a few minutes more, it should arrive soon in the frame.

If the frame is OFFLINE, it means it can't access our servers, usually it's a problem with the Wi-Fi connection of the frame.

You might check this, you can also try to restart the frame by unplugging the power cord during 15 seconds.

If you still can't find the reason then contact us by email, do not forget to provide your Pix-Star email address. We will then help you with this.

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