How to configure TVersity UPnP/DLNA server to work with my Pix-Star?

Your Pix-Star works ok with TVersity UPnP/DLNA server but a small configuration adjustment is necessary on the TVersity server.

Because TVersity by default uses very long URLs to stream medias to the UPnP/DLNA client, Pix-Star is not able to handle them and retrieve the pictures.

This problem happens also with other devices on the market, including for example the Sony Playstation 3. For this reason, TVersity created a configuration that makes the server change it’s url length and then the playstation can work, as well as your Pix-Star.

This mode is called “Play Station 3″, you can change it by going to the settings menu of your TVersity server, here you see:


simply choose:

Play Station 3 (on old software version)

Sony Play Station 4 (PS4) (on newest TVersity software version)

do NOT forget to click on the SAVE button at the BOTTOM of the page!!

and your pix-star can display the photos stored inside this UPnP/DLNA server.


DO NOT FORGET to DOUBLE CHECK  that you have the LATEST software version of TVersity installed.

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