Some of my friends' album don't show up when i try to link facebook albums, how to solve this?

If some of your friends' shared albums don't show up in the web site when you try to import albums from FACEBOOK it may related to their user permissions configuration inside their Facebook account.

Proceed as follows:

- The changes below are to be done on your friend's FACEBOOK account so that the pictures can be visible in your Pix-Star account.

- In the upper right hand corner of the Facebook window, click on the "Gear Wheel" icon, and select "Privacy Settings".

- In the "Privacy Settings and Tools" window, under the left-side navigation pane, click on "Apps". The "App Settings" window should show up on the right side.

- Select "Apps others use" in the "App Settings" window, and make sure there is a check mark in the box next to "My Photos" and then save your changes.

Once the changes are done in your friends' Facebook account go back to your Pix-Star web account to import external albums from Facebook.

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