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Pictures display too small on the screen, why?

Sometimes pictures received by email display small in the middle of the screen. How come?

Actually this is not a problem with the pix-star. It's because they were sent already too small by the sender email software as some software, especially on smartphones but also on MAC computers, have this feature: they propose to re-size the file before sending to make the whole email file smaller.

The Pix-Star never re-sizes pictures as thumbnail or smaller than the size of it's screen. It always keep it the same size as when the picture arrives.

So if some pictures show too small it is because they were sent small to the frame.

You may then double check this:

1- May be the file is already very small inside the sender's smartphone or computer? In this case there's no solution, the file is small, the picture resolution is also small, that's it. For your information to have the picture fill the whole screen of the Pix-Star it must be bigger than 800x600 pixels.

2- If the file was sent by email to the frame then most probably the problem comes from the software used to send this picture. Nowadays most of the smartphones especially iPhones resize pictures BEFORE sending them out, and if the chosen size is too small then they arrive as thumbnail. This is also the case if you use a MAC computer to send pictures by email.

But this can be adjusted on the MAC or the iPhone or the Smartphone before sending. So check again next time you send a picture or tell your friends to be careful about the size they choose when they click on the "send" button.

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