Access pictures from your windows 7 PC using UPnP/DLNA, possible configuration issue to check.

You can easily stream your pictures stored in your Windows computer (Windows 7 and above) using the UPnP/DLNA feature integrated in the Pix-Star.

This is done from the "My local pictures" menu then " My Network Devices".

This works easy but there is one special case that may create a problem and it's linked to the way Windows handles some security aspects.

If you get the slide show being stopped during the streaming process on a specific album and the frame shows a "error 204" then you migh double check your pictures in this folder.

For the photos to be accessed via UPnP/DLNA they must have the WMPNetworkSvc under RightClick->Properties->Security->Group or usernames.

If this  WMPNetworkSvc is not listed then it will not work because apparently WMPNetworkSvc is the way the PC allows the UPnP/DLNA to access the photos.

Especially if you use the Stitched feature to create panorama with Windows it might have this problem.


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