Your Pix-Star photoframe is now completely configurable remotely from the web.

Since the first product was launched a few years ago, Pix-Star has been using a very unique approach to simplify the use of a wireless product by computer savvy people by combining the product with a dedicated web site account so that the frame can be easily controlled over the internet.

This approach allows for example other members of the family to assist each others to manage the content of the frame or its configuration.

Till recently only a limited number of parameters could be controlled over the Internet. We have now extended this list to the full configuration of the frame.

Starting now you can very easily from your account at, not only read the current configuration of your photo-frame which is thousands miles away from you, but also, in just a few clicks, change any parameter.

This includes currently:

  • Change the language of the user interface of the product;
  • Activate or deactivate energy saving mode and configure the time the display switches on and off;
  • Configure the way incoming photos by email are accepted (manually, semi automatically or full automatic mode);
  • Adjust the time per slide for the slide show;
  • Configure the mode for the slide show: Normal mode or random mode.
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen;

The web site also displays a few other information that are quite useful:

  • Percentage of the internal memory being used;
  • Software version of the product.

This menu is accessible from inside your account, once logged in see on the left side menu bar, at the bottom, the link “frame config.”.

This should simplify even more the use of your Pix-Star or the one of your parents and grandparents!

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