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Which UPnP/DLNA server is the best to use with my Pix-Star?

If you are using a Windows PC with Windows 7 or above or if your pictures are stored in a NAS then you already have a DLNA server installed.

Be careful if you use Windows 8.x you need to activate the Sharing for folders to show in the DLNA.

But if your PC is older or if you use a MAC or a Linux computer you will need to install a third party application if you want to use DLNA to stream your pictures on your Pix-Star.

Pix-Star is a generic DLNA player so it should be compatible with all DLNA servers on the market. But by experience we now know that some DLNA server works better than others! Not only with Pix-Star but also in terms of stability, simplicity of use and many other things.

Among the solutions that we've tested with Pix-Star:

- Twonky works well, with versions for WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX (1 month trial included)

- TVersity is also a good solution. ATTENTION: to have it work properly with your Pix-Star you need to select the right profile inside the TVersity configuration panel, see this article for more details:

- MiniDLNA is probably the best solution for LINUX users (it works only on Linux). It's lightweight and incredibly fast! Follow this link which gives a very good step by step guide:

One solution that does NOT work AT ALL with Pix-Star is Serviio ( So avoid this solution for the moment. For some reasons the Pix-Star cannot find the Serviio server and whatever the profile you choose inside the configuration panel of the Serviio, no luck, it still does not work.

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