How the "Repeat recent pix." and the "Only latest pictures" mode work exactly?

If your Pix-Star is the latest generation (sold after November 2014) then you have in the slide show OPTIONS menu in the PLAY MODE " section two new slide show play modes in addition to the normal mode (default).


This will repeat the pictures that arrived during the period you choose (for instance " last 3 days") more often than the ones that arrived before that, in the side show rotation. We have a special algorithm for that.

The main objective of this play mode is that your recent pictures play more often in the rotation so that you see them more frequently.


This play mode will only show in the slide show rotation the pictures received recently during the period you choose (for example only pictures received in the last 3 days).

Any picture received BEFORE that period will NOT show in the slide show!!!

Have a nice Pix-Star!

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