Why my Pix-Star photoframe slide show does not show all the pictures, especially Web albums and weather?

As you’ve probably already noticed while using your Pix-Star, it offers many different type of slideshows. You can practically launch any kind of slideshow from just 1 picture, to 1 album or even a combination of albums.

Also as the Pix-Star has a local memory, and at the same time can access photos from the web and from USB sticks or SD cards, it can play albums from various sources.

So when you are launching a slideshow you should first check which source of photos it is going to play. For example, if you launch a “play all pictures” slideshow from the local memory then the web album pictures won’t be inside this slideshow, same for weather information. But the pictures coming from email will be in the slide show as they are inside the “My Local Albums” menu.

As you’ve seen also, in the frame main menu, you have a button called “Play all the Frame's Pictures”. This button is the default button for playing a slide show of ALL the photos of your Pix-Star, no matter from which album or which source they come.

We strongly suggest, especially for non technical-savvy users to use this slideshow. It is by the way the default slide show that will run AUTOMATICALLY when you unpack the product the first time or after a factory reset.

It is the EASIEST slideshow, that you can be sure to have ALL your photos inside, including Web album pictures, Weather, Photo-mail, SD card, USB stick, etc…

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