UPNP / DLNA sometimes disconnect from my windows 7 computer, how to solve?


Inside windows 7 or above for security reasons there are many settings that may impact the frame playing pictures though UPNP/DLNA.

so when you have a problem playing pictures from Windows compute through DLNA/UPnP check your security settings in the computer especially this related to sharing or upnp/dlna, or see other articles in this pix-star knowledge base.

one more thing that some user noticed is that a setting change as described below might help.

here what to do:

In your windows computer search for permissions and you will find this under the Media Streaming Options of Windows 7 (control Panel->Network and Sharing Center->Change Advanced Share Options->Media Streaming On

then choose Media Streaming options->Show Devices on all networks->find frame ("Unknown Device") by MAC number-->Customize--> select "Make all of the media in my library available to this device".  

REMARK: the MAC address you need here is the same as the serial number of the frame.

so you do this change above .

before that most probably your computer was in default settings , so the "Use default settings" was checked.

The Pix-Star Team

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