How to access pictures stored inside my Pix-Star over local network (SAMBA) with Windows 8.x?

As you know the latest wireless photoframes from Pix-Star (PXT510xxxxx, FotoConnect XD) are equipped with a technology called “SAMBA” which makes your Pix-Star behave like a network disk on your local network (make sure your Pix-Star WiFi connection is properly configured).

It is very easy from a WINDOWS PC to browse wirelessly the content of the memory of the Pix-Star directly from the file manager of the computer. You can then copy photos to the frame memory, delete photos, create new folders, reorganize photos, change folder names, change file names, etc…

Here a few more information on how to do this easily with Windows 8.x.

1- First of all, check inside the menu ABOUT of the CHANGE SETTINGS menu of the frame if you have an information mentioning a user name and password to access the frame with SAMBA.

If you purchased your Pix-Star after October 2014 you should have such user name and password showing there, for older Pix-Star version there is no user name and password.

2- Once you've checked this, go to your Windows 8.x PC, make sure also that the frame Wi-Fi connection to your local local network is established, then open the file manager and look at "THIS PC" then with the mouse on it click RIGHT button, in the menu list you should see:


Click on this.

3- A new window opens. Here you need to input the IP address of your Pix-Star and the sharing point.

You can find the IP address inside the CHANGE SETTINGS menu of the frame then Wi-Fi menu, at the bottom of the window.

Imagine that your frame IP address is, for example:

Then in this Windows 8.x window you need to type:


So replace the IP address by your own one and don't forget the "\pixstar" at the end.

Click "FINISH".

4- In the next window enter the user name and password that you've found inside the ABOUT section as explained in the 1. above and for older Pix-Star nothing is needed.

then click OK

Your frame is now accessible form your PC, there should be an icon that shows up on your computer you can click on it to open the disk and browse your pix-star pictures.

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