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What are the benefits of using the iPhone/iPad app (Pix-Star Snap)?

As you all know sending pictures to a Pix-Star frame is very easy using email. Put a picture in the attachment enter the email of your friends' or family members' frame and click send, that's it!

But did you know that using the Pix-Star Snap iPhone/iPad app is even easier and faster?

Here is why?

There are a few reasons why you should use the app instead of the email:

1/ When using the iPhone/iPad app the pictures get resized automatically inside the iPhone/iPad before sending to the frame, so you upload only the  quantity of pixels and bytes needed which optimizes the use of your 3G/4G data plan.

2/ Because of 1/ above uploading to the Pix-Star system is much faster making this method the most efficient available!

3/ With the Pix-Star Snap app you can upload one shot up to 30 pictures. It's much more that what you could send using email attachments as the size of the attachment would be too big to be sent out.

4/ Pix-Star Snap allows you to upload videos directly to the frame with a resize here also before upload which makes it possible to upload videos up to 2 minutes length. This is not possible by email as the file gets too big and is not necessarily resized before sending.

5/ Pix-Star snap allows you to send one shot the same pictures to several frames at the same time. Also it's user interface is very simple and once your friend's and family members have been entered in the contact list just click on them, select the pictures confirm and upload starts. So easy!

It 's much faster than composing an email!

6/ One last point, using the Pix-Star Snap app you just don't even need to configure email inside your iPhone or iPad, for some users it's a must...

So far all these reasons above it's important to download and use the Pix-Star Snap iPhone/iPad app.

This will make your life with Pix-star easier!

Enjoy your Pix-Star!

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