CHECK LIST if your frame is not receiving pictures by email or shows as ‘OFFLINE’ on the web site

If your frame is not receiving photo-mails and shows ‘offline’ in the web site account check this:

1- First make sure that the Wi-Fi is configured and that it shows connected in the frame’s main menu. There is an icon showing the strength of the Wi-Fi signal on the top right of the main menu, see if it is showing connected and that you have at least 1 blue bar.

2- Next to this icon, on the left, there is the ‘globe’ icon. See if shows a RED color exclamation (!) point or not? a Red exclamation point means that the frame cannot access internet. You need to double check your network or contact us.

3- If all this is ok, you may simply try to restart the unit to give it a “fresh start”. For this use the ON OFF button at the back of the unit, next to the power cord.

REMARK: the red button on the remote puts the frame in sleep mode with LCD switched off, this is not restarting the unit. To completely restart the unit you must use the ON/OFF button at the back of the unit or unplug the power cable.

After the frame restarts wait about 5 minutes, see if the pictures start to arrive or if the ‘offline’ becomes ‘online’ in the web site.

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