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Can I link more than one external account (Facebook, Google Photos, FlickR...) to my Pix-Star?


Yes, you can link albums coming from different accounts to your Pix-Star, no problem. For example if you want to link an album coming from your own Facebook account to show on the Pix-Star and also link an album from your wife's it's no problem, just follow the steps below.

To do this, what you need to do is to LOG OUT from the provider web site first in the browser (Facebook, Google Photos or any other).

So open your browser, go to the provider's web site (for example and here first make sure to LOG OUT.

Then in the SAME browser go to and log in your account then go to the "Link external pictures" link where you have all the icons of the providers and click on the provider's icon, now you will have to log in and this time use the other account you want to use.

To change again proceed from step 1 (log out from provider's account) and follow the same process.

Any problem just contact us.

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