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My Pix-Star frame does not receive pictures sent by email: DO NOT send pictures by email from google photos to your frame, this won't work, import your albums instead.


Regularly at the customer support we have users contacting us saying they can't email from google photos to their frame.

This is because when you email a picture from google photos's web site to an email address they don't send the picture at attachment, they send a web page instead with a link to the picture embedded, this won't work with the pix-star email management system.

You can try it sending a picture from google photos to yourself and you will see that the email you receive is not a typical email with picture in the attachment, it's a beautiful web page in the email with a link to the picture and the picture embedded inside.

So, if you want to access your google photos pictures from your Pix-Star we propose another solution which is to directly import google photos album into account , log into your account and then inside go to the left middle to:

import external pictures.

then click on the google photos icon and authenticate then you will see after a few seconds your google photos albums and you can click on "link it" to import them.

Your pictures will be transferred to the frame and show up on the frame's screen after a few minutes!

The Pix-Star Team.

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