How to upload a complete folder of pictures to the web site?

 it's possible by selecting all the pictures in that folder.

1- you create your pix-star web album in the web site first.

2- then you arrive inside and the interface is the one for uploading, you use not the multi picture upload.

when you click on the button a pop up window comes up, inside you can choose your files, so navigate inside the folder you wan to upload pictures.

3- click on the first picture, then MAINTAIN SHIFT key presses and go to the last picture.

on most computers it should select all the pictures from the 1st to the last.

4- then press ok / confirm it will start to upload them one by one.

REMARK: MAKE SURE that there is NOTHING else in the folder THAN PICTURES!!! for example no work document excel document or ZIP files.

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