I bought a new pix-star frame to replace my old one how do I transfer account to this new unit?


May be you have an old pix-star that you are now replacing by a new one, or you are changing from a 10 inch to a bigger size (15 inch), or we sent a new unit to you under warranty to replace your old one?

So now you want to update your pix-star.com account so that it connects to the new frame. No problem, the process is very easy!

First of all, MAKE SURE NOT to register the new unit otherwise you cannot use the serial number to replace the old one in the old account!!!!!

Go to:


and log in your old account.

Once logged in, at the upper part of the screen click on:


Then once in the MY PROFILE page shows up, replace the old serial number by the new one to update.

 (MAKE SURE you enter the NEW serial number CORRECTLY, it is 12 digit long!!!)

Click the button just below the serial number area to change it and confirm on the next pop up.


The Pix-Star Team.

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