How to browse pictures on your USB Memory Stick and SD Card with Pix-Star?

You’ve probably tried it before… When you insert a USB memory stick or a SD card into your Pix-Star, it is AUTOMATICALLY detected and the device provides the option to launch a slide show, which will show all the pictures stored on the SD card or USB stick.

This is quite convenient and fast for those who want it simple and would like to see all the content of the USB or SD card in one big slide show.

What should you do if you only want to display some or all of the pictures in one specific directory?

1- MY LOCAL ALBUMS: This first and simplest approach should be sufficient in most cases: go to the “My Local Albums” menu where you can access the USB disk or the SD card (shown in GREEN).

Once in this sub menu, you’ll see a tree showing all pictures and directories on your device (directories are displayed in GREEN). When you move the cursor to a directory, it will display (after approximately 2 seconds) a mini-slide show allowing you to PREVIEW the pictures within the directory. Should you want to see a more extensive view, simply click on it and you will access the directory.

If you move the cursor onto a picture file, you will see a preview of that picture.

You can directly launch a slide show of the CURRENT directory using the menu on the first line called “Play albums” (in BLUE): this will play a slide show of the current directory, all its pictures PLUS all sub-directories contained within.

This menu is “recursive” meaning it will include all sub-directories within the main directory then stop when it arrives at the last one. The same process applies for SD cards and USB memory sticks.

This is the recommended browsing method as it is the easiest and, with the preview option on the right, it is also more “visual”.

2- FILE MANAGER: For those who prefer more control in their picture selection and preview process, we recommend the FILE MANAGER.

Basically once you open the file manager and choose the SD card or USB device, it is similar to using the Local Albums method, in that you can view and access your directories and see the pictures in each directory.

The primary difference between the two methods is the screen layout.

The File Manager offers one significant advantage over the “local albums” method: you can LAUNCH A SLIDE SHOW WITH THE PICTURES YOU SELECT. It is a totally customizable slide show!

How do you do that? Click on each picture you want to include in the slide show. Once you’re done, click on the MENU button. In the pop-up menu, choose “launch slide show”. A slide show of your selected pictures will then start.

These two menus offer very useful and simple ways for you to browse through pictures on your SD card or USB stick. Try them for your next slide show!

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