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What is this “Inbox Folder Mode” to automatically save photo-mails in folders based on sender’s email address?

The latest software update (available for frames sold after 2013) includes a new feature called “Inbox Folder Mode”.

You can activate it by going to the frame's Change Settings menu then Photo-Mail menu.

When activated, the frame will automatically save the incoming photo-mails in directories which name is the email address of the sender under the INBOX folder.

This way you get all your photo-mails classified in folders (albums) separately for each sender making this easier for you to search a specific picture if you know the sender. It’s also more convenient if you want to launch a slide show of only the pictures coming from a specific friend or family member.

Just go to the frame's menu “My Photo-Mail Inbox” and inside you will see the folders (albums) that are being created.

Enjoy your Pix-Star!

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