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How can i get my pictures to the new group folders without starting from scratch?

A convenient way will also provide you with a backup copy of your work. 

Select an album and choose download album button.  All photos in that album will be saved to your computer in a archive ".zip" file. 

After you download all of your albums, find the zip files and unpack them into similarly named folders.  Log into your group account and create new albums.  These new albums will show up on all group frames and not just the first one. 

Load all of the photos you wish to share with the group.  After sync, you will see that your first frame now shows two of every photo but the new frames show only the group-loaded albums.  From your first frame account, either delete the original albums to remove copies.  Or, if you did not share everything in the group login, create some new albums and copy individual photos that should stay for your first frame only and then delete the original album containing lots of duplicates.

Remember to load new photos to share with everyone only to the group login / account and load photos only for one individual frame on that individual login / account.

Also remember not to name albums the same on group and individual logins / accounts to avoid confusion.

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