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List of important slide show options and time per slide (interval) values

Here some information on the major parameters and options for the Pix-tar slide show.

Available intervals (between each pictures)

2 seconds,
3 seconds,
5 seconds,
10 seconds,
15 seconds,
30 seconds,
1 minute,
5 minutes,
10 minutes,
30 minutes,
1 hour,
6 hours,
12 hours

Play Modes

- Normal mode
- Repeat recent pictures (this mode populates the photo list in order to play the latest pictures more frequently) of the last day, 2 days, 3 days, week or month.
- Only latest pictures (this mode will display only the latest available pictures) of the last day, 2 days, 3 days, week or month.

List of available transitions

Horizontal Sliding,
Vertical Sliding,
Zoom in,
Ken Burns Effect,
Wheel Clockwise,
Multi 1,
Multi 2

Display Modes

- Normal mode (show one picture at a time, keeping the picture's size ratio)
- Collage 4 pictures (display a collage formed by 4 pictures)
- Collage 5 pictures (display a collage formed by 5 pictures)
- Smart Fill (auto fill the screen, stretching the picture if necessary, only when the picture ratio is close to 4:3 to avoid too much distortion.

Sorting Modes

- Alphabetical mode
- Newest first
- Oldest first
- Random

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