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Use pix-star when no wifi, is possible? yes!


Regularly our Pix-Star Customer Support Team receives questions or emails similar to this:

We have an elderly mother without wifi.

Can we set up and manage a frame for her via our phone's data OR bring her frame to our house, where we have wifi, to manage and add photos?

The answer is a big YES!!

Because the pix-star does not stream the pictures over internet, instead it stores them inside it's internal memory once synced so it's possible to play them even once there is no wifi anymore.

This way both use case described above work:

-  you may put the frame at grandmother's place and turn on your wifi hotspot on your phone when you  visit her so that the emails that have been received  in the meanwhile sync, and then when you leave the place they continue playing as they restored inside the frame.

-  or  your can from time to time  bring Grandpa's frame to  your place where you have wifi,  connected to the wifi and  sync pictures during a few minutes, then bring it back to his home without wifi. Picture will play since they are  now in the frame's internal memory.

the pix-star Team

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