Helpful program to manage pictures locally between the Pix-Star and your computer (via SAMBA).

*** This topic is for ADVANCED users only, it requires technical knowledge ******

If you have more photos / images than will fit on your Pix-Star Picture Frame at one time you may find this program helpful.

It will “rotate” files from your Home Computer / Laptop to your Pix-Star frame “automatically”. It uses the frame’s Samba server to access memory of your Pix-Star frame.

We should say a big "thank you" to Del B. for developing and maintaining this program and making it open source to the Pix-Star community.

More information to download and install it and contact the developer if questions:

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Built with Eclipse IDE (Mars.1) with Java 1.8_73 (Compiled at 1.7
compliance level).

Source & new releases available from:

· Pix-Star Support (contact us at " ")


· GitHub:


Further questions and inquiry you may contact the developer directly here:

Enjoy your Pix-Star!

The Pix-Star Team.

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