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How to make sure my Photo RSS feed works inside the frame?

The Pix-Star has an embedded Photo RSS reader that you can access from the menu:

My Local Pictures.

Then go to

My Photo RSS feed.

Inside you can just enter your feed URL and then it will automatically download the pictures inside, also it can auto refresh very often, down to just a few minutes.

It's perfect for special applications where you want to have dynamic content displayed on the frame.

When creating your Photo RSS on your server it's important to follow some rules to have it work.

Most important make sure that inside you have the MEDIA CONTENT tag and all info inside.

Something like this for each item (photo):

The required field is:

<media:content url="" type="image/jpeg" width="800" height="480" duration="90" medium="image"/>


 <enclosure url="" length="136186" type="image/jpeg" />

in any case if you have problem finding the right syntax contact us by email at:

and give us your feed URL we will help checking it for you.

Enjoy your Pix-Star!

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