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How to ADD/REMOVE the weather on my Pix-Star?

To configure the weather on your Pix-Star you have to log in your account at

Once logged in, on the left side, in the menu list you can see:

My Weather channels.

Click on this link  in the new page you can add a country and add selected cities for this country for which you want to receive weather information.

After a new country or city is added you need to wait for our system to update the weather so that it can display on your frame, this may take a few hours.

If the city you want to add is not listed click on the "Suggest a weather city" link to inform us, we will add it for you (if the city is available for our weather data provider).

To REMOVE the weather it is in the same webpage, go to "My Weather Channels" then on the right side of the name of the country and city click on the little icon with the "dustbin" to remove it.

It will disappear from the frame after a few minutes (make sure your frame's Wi-Fi connection is configured).

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