How can I upload pictures from iPhoto/Photo to the frame?

If you store your pictures inside iPhoto/Photo application on a MAC and you want to upload them to you pix-star account a few steps are needed and they are not directly accessible from your computer.

1- Select the pictures you want to upload to the frame (do a quick test first with 2 or 3 pictures max.).

2- In iPhoto / Photo go to FILE menu then inside click on:


3- In the pop up menu make sure to choose "original" in the first line.

don't resize the picture so that they don't get too small on the frame screen.

4- Once done click ok and in the next window select the folder where to store them.

5- now you are ready to upload to you account. Log into it, then inside go to the left / middle

View my web albums

inside you create a pix-star web album then you can upload them there.

Another option here is to send them by email to the frame as u probably usually do. This is ok if you don't have too many pictures otherwise it's better to arrange them into web albums as said above.

Enjoy your Pix-Star!

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