I get error message “ERROR, RETURN AND HTML PAGE” after connecting Wi-Fi, what does this mean?

After connecting to your Wi-Fi network if you get a message “ERROR, return a HTML page” on top of the main menu of the Pix-Star this is because you are connecting to an access point that requires a confirmation via a web browser to grant access to internet.

This mode is NOT supported by the Pix-Star because there is no web browser inside your Pix-Star.

This happens with some routers (for example CISCO routers) that provide 2 accesses, one is the “GUEST” access and one is the “MAIN” access. If you use the MAIN access there will NOT be any such problem, once the security key is entered and the Wi-Fi is connected then the frame gets automatically access to Inernet.

Only the GUEST access requires an additional step which is to open a web browser and enter some confirmation. This is not possible with the Pix-Star.

So check this, MAKE SURE you connect to the main access, do NOT use the GUEST access.

This may also happen if you try to connect to some public networks such as Hotels, Hospitals, Retiring Home, Airports, etc… Because these networks work differently, the connection to the Wi-Fi has no security but the access to internet is controlled once you open the web browser and enter some user name and password. This mode is also NOT supported by the Pix-Star.

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