Is it possible to use my Pix-Star even if I have no Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection at home?

This is an important question.

Yes, even without any wireless connection, your Pix-Star can work normally and all features are active. No problem.

It will become a basic photo frame then, playing photos that you put in USB stick, SD card or copy to the local memory. Of course till you install a wireless router it WON’T be possible to receive photos by email or access web albums as this requires an Internet connection.

In a word, all features of the frame will work except the one in relation with Internet (receiving photo-mails, sending photo-mails, or updating Web Albums, etc…). But for all other features of a standard photoframe, no problem, your Pix-Star can work normally!

For example, viewing pictures in Web Album that have ALREADY been downloaded will continue to work. Just UPDATING web albums with new pictures will not work while the frame is offline.

A wireless connection (Wi-Fi) is NOT mandatory to use this product, just that some features related to the Internet won’t be available.

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