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Made an error, how can I change the email address of my Pix-Star?

To change your Pix-Star frame email address proceed as follow:

- log into your account.

- inside, at the top of the web page click on:


- on the next web page that shows up you see in the middle a zone where the frame email address is showing up.

- directly change the email address of the frame inside.

- click on the button below the email address to apply the change.


Our system will first check whether this new email address is available or not (it may be already used by another user).

Also special characters are NOT allowed in an email address, so make sure not to enter any.


Once you have changed the frame email address do not forget that your user name to log into the account is then also changed

So next time you log in make sure to use the new email address as the user name (the left part of the " @ " in the Frame email address)


Thank you.

The Pix-Star Team.

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