What should I do to start using my Pix-Star?

Once you've switched on your new Pix-Star 2 steps are important to have it fully working:

1- configure the Wi-Fi connection to your Wi-Fi router. This is done either through the start up wizard that shows up at first use or through the Change Settings menu, then Wi-Fi menu.

2- register your Pix-Star by going to www.pix-star.com and pick up a dedicated email address for your frame. This email address that you can choose is hosted by us, it's something like XXXX@mypixstar.com, you can choose the left side of the email address (the " XXXX ").

And that's it!

This should not take more than 5 minutes and you can start sending pictures to your Pix-Star frame by email, display your Facebook, FlickR, Google Photos, etc... web albums, play your favourite web radio, etc...

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