When playing pictures from my Synology NAS they look too small and have black bars all around my pictures on the screen - how to solve this? (UPnP DLNA)

If you are streaming pictures from a Synology NAS using UPnP/DLNA it may happen that your pictures look too small on the frame or have black strips around.

This is a configuration issue with your Sinology NAS so please follow the steps below to solve it.

1- Before all make sure you are running the latest software version inside this NAS. Log into the Sinology NAS configuration panel and double check if any software update is available.

If needed apply software update first.

2- To solve the problem of pictures showing too small on the frame you MUST disable the thumbnail.

So go to "browsing settings" then UN-CHECK the " transmit low resolution ...." see picture below.

2- ONCE DONE it is VERY IMPORTANT to FORCE the re-indexing of all the pictures.

On the “General Settings” tab, there’s a link to “Media Indexing” (it’s also accessible from the Control Panel screen) w
hich gets you to this screen:

After “Re-index” is hit just wait, this may take quite a long time (several hours ... ) if you have a lot of pictures. 

So don't worry just be patient!!

Once re-indexed your pictures will look much bigger on the frame...

Enjoy your Pix-Star.

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