Activate and configure UPnP/DLNA on Windows 7 and Windows 8 computer

Your Pix-Star frame can stream directly your pictures stored inside your Windows computer (Windows 7 and above) thanks to it's support of what is called"UPnP/DLNA" technology.

But to have this work on your Windows machine you need a two step configuration in the computer system to have it activated and running.

Step 1: Enable DLNA function of Microsoft Windows

From the Windows Control panel, choose "network and internet" and inside go to:

Choose homegroup and sharing options

in this interface ENABLE the contents such as Pictures, Music and Videos that you want to share, from "Change homegroup settings" screen.

If you want to use Stream media option of Windows Medial Player12, enable "Stream my pictures, music and videos to all devices on my home network" option too.

Step 2: Enable sharing of each folder you want to see through UPnP/DLNA from the frame

For each folder that has your pictures inside and that you want to stream from the frame, in the windows file manager in the folder open to it's properties and inside allow the sharing.

That's it.

Now in the frame go to

My Local Pictures then to

My Network devices.

you should see in the list your windows PC and inside your folders.

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