Facebook: "album cannot be updated" error message, or album list empty in pix-star.com, how to solve?


if you get this error message when try to update your Facebook album in the pix-star.com account:

"sorry this album cannot be updated"

or if in the  pix-star.com account when you go to facebook you don't see any album listed and the page is empty

then first try to delete this album in pix-star.com and then re import it.

if you can't re import it or if the list of albums showing in the pix-star.com facebook album list page is empty then you need to go to facebook.com log into your facebook account then do this:

Go to settings to the list of apps that are using Facebook to log in check PixStar's access permission.

most probably it has expired, so  just renew it here on Facebook 

then everything should work again.

this is a new facebook feature were the permission granted at one time expire in the future, probably for security reasons.

The Pix-Star team.

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