How to copy pictures to Pix-Star using a USB stick or SD card?

You can easily copy pictures to your Pix-Star’s local memory using a USB stick or a SD card.

Take the USB stick or the SD card that contains the pictures you want to copy to the frame and plug it to the device (look at the back of the device for USB and SD card port).

The frame will display a logo on the main menu and a message that invites you to automatically start a slide show from this source, you can discard this message. Then go to the File Manager accessible from the main menu and browse your USB or SD card source. You should now see your pictures.

You can select the one you want to copy one by one (move the cursor to the picture then press “OK / PLAY”) or, better, if you want to copy all of them just press the “MENU” button when you are on any of the pictures, it will display a menu inside which you have the “SELECT ALL” choice.

Press MENU again if not done yet, to display the pop up menu and choose ” Copy selected pictures to… ” this will pop up a window in which you can choose the destination directory. You can even create a new local directory inside the frame.

After this choice the frame will start to copy. It may take some time depending on the number of pictures and their size. Pix-Star will automatically re-size them to fit the screen size and optimize the memory usage without of course impacting the quality of the picture.

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