FACEBOOK, special requirement from Facebook to have update working on the long term.

Since 2014 Facebook require that for this update to be accepted by their system the user (you) log into our web site (us, www.pix-star.com) at least once every 2 months.

if you don't then after 2 months the auto update requests we send get rejected.

so if you want your FACEBOOK albums to be updated from eh "update" button in pix-star.com make sure every 2 months (at least) you log into your pix-star.com account and also we suggest that you go again to the "import external pictures" web page and just her click on the Facebook icon and just log in till you see your list of Facebook albums.

that's it.

We are very sorry about this new requirement from Facebook but it has to be like this since they don't accept any other solution. No negotiation is possible...

None of the other providers we support have this requirement and it's a much more simple for us and you, but Facebook.. is Facebook!

Enjoy your Pix-Star!

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