Can you suggest a reference of a bluetooth USB dongle that works well with Pix-Star?

As you know the Pix-Star is "Bluetooth ready" this means that you just need to plug a USB dongle at the back of the unit and you can instantly start transferring pictures by Bluetooth to your frame.

We suggest to use this dongle that has been tested and work well with Pix-Star:

ORICO - BTA-402 - USB Bluetooth 4.0 Micro Adapter Dongle

it's on at the price of 9.99 us$.

it works very well and it's quite cheap!


iPhone does NOT support sending pictures or any file by Bluetooth. This is valid till now for any version of the iPhone include old ones but also latest iPhone 5 and 5s. We still don't know for the iPhone 6 but we guess it will remain the same...

You may double check this with Apple on on the internet, but be careful if you try to send pictures from your iPhone to your pix-star using the Bluetooth connection it won't work not because of Pix-Star but because it's not implemented in the iPhone...

Sending pictures by email from iPhone of course does work without any problem!!!

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