Qwest / Netopia 3347 router (Motorola) special configuration to work with Pix-Star

When using your Pix-Star to connect to a Netopia router from Motorola you may have this situation that the Wi-Fi is properly connected but then the frame has no internet access.

This is due to a a special situation with the default configuration of this router which requires a little manipulation to allow the Pix-Star to access the internet.


Once logged into your Motorola router, if you don't see exactly the menu as described below it is important that you choose first the 'expert mode' on from the router configuration menu.

Because the configuration option may not be visible when in 'basic mode.'

Log into the configuration interface of your Netopia (check with the Netopia user manual). Once inside this configuration interface go to the section:

IP PASSTHROUGH  or  DMZ     (depending on the software version of your router)

(it should be inside "BASIC SETTINGS" of your Motorola web configuration interface).


Here just select the IP address of your Pix-Star then press ENABLE button.

If it is DMZ:

Under security on the broadband settings he clicked on the DMZ hosting.

Three steps:
1.  click on enable
2.  type in IP address for Pix-Star
3.  clicked on apply and reboot

(to find the IP address of your Pix-star: go to the CHANGE SETTINGS menu of the Pix-Star then to Wi-Fi menu, move the selector to the line which is your network name and to which the pix-star is connected to (make sure it is connected) then press OK/PLAY in the window that pops up there is your Pix-Star IP addresss)


You may have to restart your frame just in case.

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